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An explosive collision between a pickup truck and a Volvo erases two momentous scientific discoveries. Quantum probability results in complex emotional entanglements. Voices return from the dead. A blood-stained piano becomes an heirloom. Although a picture-perfect family, Beth Sturgess divulges an ignominious past to her loving husband–who has deadly secrets.

Mistakes are fatal.

With deeply flawed, relatable characters, Entanglement–Quantum and Otherwise is an intricate literary crime story that unravels the generational impact on reality after a loved one’s death.

A well done novel concerning the cause and effect of one generation’s actions on the people coming after them.

The book is populated by eight flawed characters living their lives in ensuing times with their thoughts, deeds and actions having direct effect on others. The story starts out with a collision between a Volvo and a Pickup truck. The action erases two important scientific discoveries. Events stemming from the accident creates a chain of events involving people somehow tied to those that took part in the crash.

The reader is led from person to person, event to event in a novel carefully planned to follow the sequence laid out by the author. The process is cumulative; what happens to whom and how does it effect the other principals in the book. Quite well done and an engrossing read highlighting the author’s work.

9/19 Paul Lane

ENTANGLEMENT – QUANTUM AND OTHERWISE by John K. Danenbarger. StormBlock Publishing (August 6, 2019). ISBN  978-0578450377. 380p.


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    Sounds great, actually

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