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Rose and Chris have been happily married for 20 years. They have a beautiful daughter, Julia, and both like the path they are on and whom they are on it with.

Suddenly their lives are shaken up when a beautiful young girl shows up on their doorstep and tells Chris that she is his daughter. Before Chris married Rose he had a short affair with another woman. They went their separate ways and Chris forgot about that episode in his life until Katie appeared shaking everything up. She knows all about the affair, requests that to remove all doubts about Chris being her father, he take a DNA test coupled with a similar test of Katie’s. And her mother has passed away prompting her action and need to find a way to live.

Katie indicates that she is staying in a temporary residence pending the outcome of the tests, but Rose extends an invitation to her stating that the family should get used to her in the meanwhile. Katie does so and suddenly strange things start to happen: someone crashes into a neighbor’s fence, an unexplained fire starts in the kitchen, and a family friend disappears on the way to visit them. Mysteriously, Chris refuses to explain where he was when the friend went missing.

The plot evolves from one to many instances. The police get involved and it is a certainty that the reader will experience some sleepless time when unable to put the book down. A well done mystery with an ending a capstone to a well done novel.

8/19 Paul Lane

PERFECT STRANGER by Jake Cross. Bookouture (August 20, 2019). ISBN 978-1786814432. 338p.


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  1. Patricia Gallant says:

    Sounds intriguing. Adding this one to my shelf.

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