BARK OF NIGHT by David Rosenfelt

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An Andy Carpenter Novel, Book 19

This is Rosenfelt’s 19th novel featuring Andy Carpenter and his more than slightly askew team of helpers. Andy, as most of his fans know, is a defense lawyer who has inherited money and consequently would rather not work at his profession. In spite of his predilection, each novel features him picking up the defense of a person​ charged with murder. He is helped in building up the defense of his client by his wife Laurie who was previously a law enforcement officer and now acts as his investigator.
In addition there is Marcus, silent but a deadly weapon who defends him, an office manager who would rather be retired and normally is found resting, and several other individuals including an assistant manager of an FBI office, a police chief and an assistant lawyer. Most important are his two dogs, who do nothing but get walked while Andy thinks things through.
The author’s unabashed love of dogs, especially Golden Retrievers, is showcased in his novels. Andy and his partner Willy own and operate a center for the saving and placement of stray dogs. In Bark of Night, the action is begun when Andy is called by his veterinarian to check out a dog that has been given up with an order to destroy it. Andy takes the dog and places it in the Center and asks his partner to look after the animal, to not destroy it and await developments.
Sure enough, beginning at this point Andy is dragged into a situation where he must defend a young man accused of murder. Rosenfelt takes this novel up several notches which makes a good read into a better one. The plot brings a national criminal activity to the attention of the FBI, Homeland Security and the police forces of many jurisdictions around the United States.
The author does an excellent job of bringing all the threads in the book to a very clever conclusion while allowing his readers their normal satisfaction with the novel. The writing style, as always, is clever tongue-in-cheek, and does influence the reader to finish the book in one sitting. It is a given that there will be future novels featuring Andy and his helpers, the defense of someone on trial, a dog or dogs and a good time had by all.
7/19 Paul LaneBARK OF NIGHT by David Rosenfelt. Minotaur Books (July 16, 2019). ISBN 978-1250133090. 304p.



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