My son’s wedding day

My son is getting married today.

Daniel and Miriam met online, as is the way of the world now. It turned out that they lived just a block or so apart in Brooklyn. Daniel has always been cautious, but when he met Miriam a couple of years ago, I think he fell for her pretty quickly. The first story he told me about her was just a month or so after they met.

It was around Easter and Daniel had a hankering for one of those Cadbury Creme Eggs. They took a walk around their neighborhood and visited a few bodegas, but none had the elusive egg. He settled for some other candy bar and that was the end of it. Or so he thought. A couple of days later, a package arrived from Amazon. Miriam had sent him some of the eggs.

Daniel told me that story to illustrate how kind and thoughtful she was. She just kept on being that kind and that thoughtful as their relationship deepened. Her sisters both live nearby as does her cousin, and many friends. He became more and more immersed in her world, and she in his. Then they moved in together.

They came to Florida and stayed with us for a few days. He flew home with her to Chicago and spent time with her family. Her parents and sisters were going to be in Florida and we all met up for dinner. That was the first time Daniel had ever wanted us to meet a girl’s family. Her parents were back the next year, and again our families got together. I think we all knew this was serious.

All along, he sent me lots of pictures of their dating life. Dinners with her sisters or friends. Parties. Fun runs. Protest marches. The NYC Marathon (her sister ran and the whole family came out to cheer her on.) Concerts and other events. Holidays. They came back to Florida for Thanksgiving. They went to Chicago for Passover. They celebrated Rosh Hashanah at home, starting their own tradition. I had a big birthday and wanted to celebrate at Epcot Food & Wine, and they flew down for the weekend. They were a team.

We all fell in love with Miriam. How could we not? She is not only kind and thoughtful, she is brilliant, and beautiful, and when she smiles, she lights up the room. They share the same values and morals, the building blocks of a life together.

Last winter, they planned a trip to Paris. I asked Daniel if he was going to propose, and he said no. They had talked about marriage, he told me, but he hadn’t yet bought the ring. But Paris worked its magic on him and while Miriam was putting their “love lock” on a bridge, he found himself down on one knee. When she turned back around, he proposed.

The wedding plans were made, options discussed and explored. Miriam’s aunts threw her a baking shower at Sur La Table in Chicago. My daughter and I flew out for the weekend and got to meet more of her family and friends, and we loved them all. They fed us and cossetted us and made us feel like family.

Now it is finally here. Their wedding day. I couldn’t be any happier for them, and for us.

Miriam and Daniel, may you live happily ever after!

11 Responses to My son’s wedding day

  1. Janice says:

    Stacy, that was a beautiful tribute to your son and future daughter in law. I enjoyed every word and look forward to more stories and pictures. Enjoy this beautiful day.

  2. Mary C says:

    Lovely story – thanks for sharing. Wishing the couple a life full of love, peace and happiness.

  3. Linda Carraway says:

    A Beautiful Love Story . Congratulations

  4. Ann Fuller says:

    Congratulations – beautiful couple.

  5. Kara Lauren says:

    What a beautiful story! Congratulations, and I wish them all the best!

  6. What a beautiful story! Congratulations, and the best of luck to them!

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