MEET CUTE by Helena Hunting

This was the first book I’ve read from this author and I immediately put her last book, Good Luck Charm, on reserve at my library. I really liked this book – it lives up to its “meet cute” title. In a delicious twist, it’s the male protagonist, Dax, who explains what a meet cute is to our heroine.

I loved these characters. Kailyn is a smart cookie, and even though she’s definitely a fangirl, her anger over a perceived slight from their law school days keeps her emotions in check. That is, until she starts having to spend time with Dax and his teenage sister. As their relationship deepens, there is a secret that Kailyn is keeping. Yes, that old trope rears its ugly head again. But it almost works here, the rationale seems fairly logical even though it’s dragged out a little too long. But then again, they need a good hurdle to make the ending worthwhile. I could live with it because I liked both of these characters and wanted them to work out. And of course they do, with enough sex thrown in to keep it interesting.

My only (minor) quibble is with the subplot that deals with a custody battle between Dax and his aunt over his little sister. It was pretty obvious what was going on but the why was at least interesting. The denouement could have been a little less obvious, too – it seemed like Hunting got to that point and said okay, time to fix this and boom, there you have it.

Give me great characters, a decent storyline, and enough drama to keep me turning the pages. Throw in some laughs and I’m a happy reader. Well done.

4/19 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch

MEET CUTE by Helena Hunting. Forever (April 9, 2019). ISBN 978-1538760185. 384p.


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