I’LL BE WATCHING YOU by Courtney Evan Tate

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The author presents us with an interesting study in several areas. One is the relationship of a mother and her teen aged daughter, the second a portrait of a young girl struggling to find herself in the changing world of adolescence, and the final a study in the hold a pedophile could engender with their prey.

Emmy Fisher is a woman that is managing a bed and breakfast that has come down to her from family. The hotel is located in the beautiful sun drenched section of Florida known as the “Keys” She is divorced from her husband but retains a friendly relationship with him as both parents keep an eye on their daughter Leah. Leah has been raised living on the keys, and we enter her life during the summer between her high school sophomore year and her Junior year. Skye is her best friend,her own age and they have been attached almost since birth.

Tragedy occurs one evening when Leah decides to go for a swim after dark and drowns. Devastated, Emmy cannot cope with the loss, and looks in every nook and corner for memorabilia of her daughter. She does not expect to find evidence that Leah had been having an affair, and apparently with someone much older than her. When she does it devastates her as she tries to find out who it was that her daughter had been having the illicit affair it looks like she has taken part in.

Her ex-husband arrives from the area of the country he has been living in, and Skye begins her own effort to encounter her best friend’s secret lover. The novel is well written and leaves the reader with the very agreeable feeling of reading a good book, and certainly awaiting Tate’s next one. Certainly an excellent read.

3/19 Paul Lane

I’LL BE WATCHING YOU by Courtney Evan Tate. MIRA; Original edition (March 26, 2019). ISBN 978-0778351290. 336p.



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