HOMECOMING by Andrew Pyper

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After learning of the death of their mostly absentee father, Aaron and his sister Bridget (Bridge) Quinlan are summoned to a vast property in the Pacific Northwest in order to hear details of Dad’s will. There they meet their mother and another sister. The will indicates that their father left a good deal of money to be divided up among the family. There is one unexplained condition, which is to stay on the property without leaving the grounds for 30 days. Can’t be that bad so they agree. But totally unexpectedly another group shows up the following day and is another group of Quinlan children. The discussions among both groups gives rise to the obvious conclusion that the frequent absences by the father are explained by the apparent fact that he had two separate families with one not knowing about the other.

The two groups get to know each other when something out of the ordinary happens. A very tall man-like figure and apparently an old lady are spotted wandering around in the forest surrounding the property. On top of that there is a group of buildings found in semi repair which looks like it was a camp.

The reader at this point could come to the conclusion that this is a ghost story. The reality is that Pyper has created something much more imaginative than a simple tale about wandering ghosts. None of the events in the beginning of the novel point directly at the ending. When it does occur it is something so out of any conclusions reached by the reader that the obvious idea is that it wasn’t prepared for by any action Pyper describes. But it is and so well done that the long hours spent reading the book are rewarded by one of the most ingenious stories that I have read in a long time.

My final reaction is that I want more, but based on the events and the finale this may not be possible. Even so this book is a must read, as is any future works by Andrew Pyper.

2/19 Paul Lane

HOMECOMING by Andrew Pyper. Simon & Schuster (February 26, 2019). ISBN 978-1982108977. 368p.


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