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This is Rob Jung’s first published book and it is a good introduction for the new author. The book is a fast read, has a very interesting theme and incorporates several factors that normally do not appear in most novels.

Terry Castro, an anthropology professor has been leading summer school programs into the Peruvian rain forest. In his latest trip he literally stumbles upon an unknown tribe of tall, white skinned people. They flee the site where the quick contact takes place but not before a freak accident causes Terry to become infected with the poison that the tribe uses to facilitate hunting when he touches a dart aimed near him to scare him off. He is airlifted from the area and put in the hospital back home.

As the infection he received via the dart is analyzed it is found that an interesting side effect of the poison used could be to prolong life. Terry is too sick to leave the hospital but the pharmaceutical company examining the poison arranges another expedition to Peru in order to obtain samples of the material used by the white skinned tribe. The novel brings in many factors that cause the story to become a very wide spread tale of high adventure. First, and of great importance a medium is brought into the picture in order to try and make contact with the comatose Terry Castro. Carrie Waters, the medium, does make the connection and even beyond that a connection to the tribe in Peru. A beautiful love story takes place literally between Terry and Carrie’s minds and even succeeds when Terry’s ex-wife shows up to help take care of him.

We meet the arch villain of the piece, Vikter Glass, who is managing the pharmaceutical company and only wants to milk the drug for great profits and a personal fortune. He actually brings in the Russian mob sending some of their agents to Peru to get a sample of the poison first and deliver it to him.

Jung manages to tie all the factors he brings into the story quite well. The book is one that will keep the reader glued to the pages until finished. He or she will come to the realization that they have read the first novel of a man with an excellent imagination and be ready for more in the near future.

2/19 Paul Lane

CLOUD WARRIORS by Rob Jung. Roundfire Books (February 22, 2019). ISBN 978-1785359187. 312p.


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