Kimber Hanon, a successful sales executive with a leading magazine, is met leaving work and arriving at her home. She is tired and looks forward to dinner and relaxing. Problem arises when she finds that her key does not fit the lock like it normally should.

Quickly finding that the locks have been changed, she rings the bell in order to find out what’s going on. A man answers the door and says that he has an agreement from her allowing him to live in the house for six months. Kimber made no such agreement and calls the police to intercede.

Problem arises when the stranger produces a document attesting to his right to live in the house and duly signed by her.

Benedict weaves a very tight tale about what is going on. Her describing of the characters used in telling the story is masterful and the reader quickly grasps what the events are that encompass the novel’s plot. Kimber is a flawed lady and in the first person narrative admits to the killing of her sister years ago, not being suspected for it, but living with the crime during the years after.

Many novels utilize a surprise ending normally enticing the reader. Benedict skillfully leads the reader event by event into what is a totally logical finale. It becomes more and more logical as the plot unfolds. The book us certainly one that cannot be put down until finished and provides a definite reason to be on the lookout for more Laura Benedict novels. Very well done.

2/19 Paul Lane

THE STRANGER INSIDE by Laura Benedict.  Mulholland Books (February 5, 2019). ISBN-13: 978-0316444927. 352p.


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