LONGEVITY by Rolf Margenau

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Should we prolong human life by 30 years?

Wouldn’t it be a welcome gift to all mankind if a means was found that allowed people to normally live 30 or 40 years longer than they do now? You would think that there would be no obstacles to such an improvement being discovered. “Longevity” is a well thought out novel posing just such a situation, and it is obvious that Margenau has given the question a great deal of thought before he began writing it.

Lucy Mendoza is head of a group of scientists at a major corporation testing and looking to commercially market an enzyme that could prolong life about 30 years. If successful it appears that the treatment would also ensure that the cognitive senses of the individuals being treated would keep up with the extra years.

Lucy, hard at work, begins hiring extra staff to help with the processes involved with the development of the product. And just as luck would have it, her staff hires a molecular biologist named Grant Duran who was an old boyfriend of Lucy’s. They were very close to marriage but Grant, who was a Marine at that time, disappeared on her. It is, of course, a safe bet that the plot involves them getting back together again. While doing so Grant safeguards Lucy and has a need to do so. There are several agencies that don’t want the enzyme to be commercialized.

If people add 30 years to their lives social services would not be prepared to handle it. Social Security would be bankrupted and government paid medical care would follow suit and this is not palatable for many government managers. Besides the government a major pharmaceutical corporation is not happy with Lucy’s company not allowing them time to come out with the product in commercial packaging and would not stop at murder to prevent that from happening. And of course there are the normal greedy investors who want to keep the product for use, at steep prices, for only the people that can afford to pay for it.

There are no lengthy explanations of the process nor of the material going into it. The author successfully grabs his readers and grants them an evening’s relaxation while finishing the book. His style makes for an easy read and the novel is well worth the time spent in doing so.

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2/19 Paul Lane

LONGEVITY by Rolf Margenau.  Frogworks Publishing (January 5, 2019). ASIN: B07MKHNB1M. 326p.

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