THE BURGLAR by Thomas Perry

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Ellie Stowell, the main character in Perry’s novel, is a young, very bright, pretty girl who has a way of making her living in a most unorthodox manner. She breaks into the homes of the rich and helps herself to money or salable items. She is really a very considerate woman. If someone leaves the water on she will turn it off, or if something else needs an adjustment to prevent damage to the house she will do something to rectify the situation. She has evolved a collection of the proper equipment to do her job, has a usable knowledge of art and other possibly salable items and has made her work into a profession.

The story begins with Ellie breaking into a house and coming across three dead bodies, killed by single shots to the head and laid out on a bed. She discovers a motion picture camera still running which the assassin did not discover. Ellie takes the camera with her and finds that she can alter the film to not show her entering the room. Her problems begin at this point when she finds out that the killer or killers have somehow discovered her presence and begin hunting her in order to eliminate the one witness that can probably point them out to the police.

It is obvious that Perry has done quite a bit of research on methods used by professional thieves and incorporates these into the novel. “The Burglar” is a fun read and Ellie comes across as a cute young lady that enjoys herself, making a living out of the activities described. Looking at the action and the logical ending it did occur to me that sequels to the book incorporating Ellie Stowell would be an easy thing to envision. I would certainly recommend looking for them in addition to reading the present book.

1/19 Paul Lane

THE BURGLAR by Thomas Perry. Mysterious Press (January 8, 2019)).  ISBN 978-0802129000. 304p.



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  1. Madam Mim says:

    It sounds like a great read! What a good idea for a crime series (if it does end up being a series)!

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