HER LAST MOVE by John Marrs

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A fascinating study of a psychotic serial killer, one that is quite different from other novels dealing with similar themes in the sense that the actual killings by the murderer are described down to the last detail. These are very gory and might cause readers to wonder why such descriptions are utilized when more cursory ones could be used. The fact is that these are necessary for the full understanding of the mind set of the killer, and that is probably the aim of the author. At the same time Marrs does a great job of bringing into focus the thoughts and feelings of the police working the case as well as other individuals directly affected by the action.

Becca Vincent is an officer with the London Metropolitan police. She has faced the problem of being a woman in a world still dominated by men. She is longing to be assigned to an important case and prove her ability to her supervisor as well as her peers. She manages to get herself assigned to working with the group looking for the the killer. At the same time Joe Russell, a facial recognition expert, is seconded to Becca’s group in order to provide any help his particular talent can provide. In an afterward to the novel Marrs indicates that a group of these gifted individuals are actually a part of the London police and have been instrumental in bringing many law breakers to justice via picking them out from crowds.

The procedures and actions of a modern police department are well delineated by the author and make for a most interesting read. Becca is a single mother with a daughter with Downs syndrome and Joe is having problems with his marriage and making it work. Descriptions of both private lives coupled with the case they are working on together make this book a fascinating study into human feelings and emotions. Very well done and certainly a novel that will provide much interest in reading future books by John Marrs.

11/18 Paul Lane

HER LAST MOVE by John Marrs. Thomas & Mercer (November 8, 2018).  ISBN 978-1503948020. 352p.



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