DECK THE HOUNDS by David Rosenfelt

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An Andy Carpenter Novel, Book 18

Just in time for Christmas is another charming Andy Carpenter adventure . As his fans are acutely aware, Andy is a lawyer. He is a good one as all the novels written about him will attest. Minor problem is that he inherited a lot of money and has elected to live the good life as a gentleman scholar. That is to maintain a law office and never be in it, instead spending his time with his family; his gorgeous wife, one child and two dogs.

At the risk of being redundant, he has a staff of very unique people to help him when he is forced by circumstances beyond his control to defend someone in court. His wife, Laurie, was at one point a police chief and acts as his detective as needed. He has another lawyer to help him and Marcus, the silent type – and very strong to handle the rough stuff. He also has access to the second in command of an FBI field office. She is always in the office and will do anything to help Laurie including supplying information needed by Andy (disguised as Laurie) to move forward with a case.

There is also Edna, Andy’s secretary and office manager who has developed an allergy towards working. She is sent checks for her salary, and cashing these seems to be her sole function at work. She also likes surveying the beach as much as possible and living and working in New Jersey this is always a possibility. His best friend Willy and his wife manage the dog rescue service that he and Andy founded after a case of capital murder with a death sentence was successfully turned over by Andy freeing Willy from death row.

So the field is set, the team in place and all we need is someone to defend in court. And this is done neatly when Andy gives a handout to a street person and then later sees that man fend off an attacker, with a dog seemingly belonging to him helping out. Laurie and Andy decide to take the man home and allow him to stay in rooms in their attic while letting him attempt to reenter the active world. Lo and behold it seems the man used to be a member of military special forces and has become skilled in killing his country’s enemies.

The newspapers sense a story in the Carpenters doing such a good deed and print the story with photos of the homeless man. And wouldn’t you know it there is a charge of murder against him which is now served. Okay, we have the background and the basis for another excellent read starring Andy and his crew. Don’t worry there are many things to discover, places to go and a trial to go through. Don’t even doubt that the book will be interesting, humorous, and another incentive to keep eyes peeled for the next Andy Carpenter novel.

10/18 Paul Lane

DECK THE HOUNDS by David Rosenfelt. Minotaur Books (October 16, 2018).  ISBN 978-1250198488. 368p.



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