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Crossroads Ranch, Book 2

Luke spotted Lily across a crowded bar and was instantly attracted. But so was his best friend, and when he moves in, Luke steps away. Things go from bad to worse when they marry a short time later. Luke is thrust into her company time and time again, and to protect himself acts like he can’t stand her. He never wanted either of them to know that he had feelings for her.

Lily ends up divorced, and thinks that Luke still hates her. But all of a sudden he is trying to protect her and that is confusing. They are forced to spend time together when she inadvertently ends up catering her ex’s wedding to a Food Network star, which could really make or break her career.

This was a good romance with some sizzling sex scenes and a lot of heart. The characters are well developed and enough of the back story is told to keep it all interesting and relevant without having had to read the previous book. But I do recommend reading it, it’s also a good read and a good introduction to the series. Another terrific cowboy romance, one of my favorite subgenres.

8/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

TOUGH LUCK COWBOY by A. J. Pine. Forever (August 28, 2018). ISBN 978-1538727102.  320p..


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