HELLO STRANGER by Lisa Kleypas

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The Ravenels, Book 4

Sometimes I do judge a book by its cover, and this was one of those times. Although to be honest, I love Lisa Kleypas so if I had known about this book sight unseen I still would have read it. But I stumbled across it in the library (hello, serendipity!) and here I am.  And the thing is, I have read the other books in this series so I think I missed this because it came out while I was post-eye surgery and not able to read. That’s my excuse and I can live with that.

We met our heroine, Dr. Garrett Gibson, previously in the series but now it is her time to shine. Convinced that no man would possibly be interested in the first and only physician in England, she doesn’t even bother with social niceties. Until she meets Ethan Ransom.

Ethan is a spy who is intrigued by the brilliant and beautiful doctor, and secure enough in his place in the world not to care that she (gasp!) works. Born in poverty, he has worked his way up to his position, by way of Scotland Yard and very hard work. He is also brilliant and more importantly, a man of good character and a silver tongue. That charm really swept me away as it did Garrett, a woman who is not used to it but is used to solitude. Instead, she is caught up in a great romance.

These two unconventional characters really made for an interesting and compelling romance. The story line was intriguing and relevant, and the sex was hot. That’s pretty much all I ask for in a historical romance, and Kleypas delivers once again.

As a note of added interest, Kleypas named her character after Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first physician in England. She was a fascinating and accomplished woman and I really appreciated this nugget of truth that had me searching out the real deal. Well done.

7/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

HELLO STRANGER by Lisa Kleypas. Avon (February 27, 2018).  ISBN 978-0062371911.  400p.


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