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Holiday, Texas Series, Book 1

The 4th of July seems like a good time to review a book about that most American of characters, the cowboy. Yes, they are still around – I lived in Dallas for several years and met many, and I know things haven’t changed all that much since.

Holiday is a very small town in Texas, named after one of the founding families. The town doesn’t have much in the way of businesses, but they are known all over the state for their honkey-tonk, the Ramblin’ Rose, owned by Sully Holiday himself. But when he passes away, he leaves the bar to the grandson he never met.

Sully’s son left town as soon as he could, moved to New York City and became one of the city’s biggest builders. He never spoke to his father again, and his son, Beck, knows nothing about his family. So he is shocked to learn that he has inherited the Rose.

Beck works for his father and their relationship is tenuous at best. His father is a demanding, egotistical power player while Beck has a heart hidden beneath his fancy suits. Beck has to go see the lawyer in Holiday to find out about his inheritance. He learns that there is a stipulation attached to the inheritance; he has to stay in Holiday for three months and work in the bar, and he also has to ride on the float in the Founder’s Day parade. Scrambling to reschedule his life, Beck figures it’s worth it – the estate includes a house and land worth millions.

Charlie’s worked for Sully since she was a teenager, and is devastated by his death. She has been managing the Rose for a few years now, and has built up the business into something special. She promised Sully to help his grandson as he wanted the Rose to stay in family hands, but it’s not easy dealing with a city boy who is lost in the country.

Beck and Charlie have combustible chemistry and working together is making it even hotter. Beck knows he’s in trouble when he can’t imagine his life without Charlie, even though he is planning on turning the Rose back over to his dad. And Charlie is nursing a broken heart herself, and is leery of a relationship with a man who seems to have one foot in the country but the other planted firmly in the city.

There are lots of obstacles but also lots of laughs before the happily ever after. This was a very enjoyable, fast read with some heat. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

7/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

ALL-AMERICAN COWBOY by Dylann Crush. Random House (January 2, 2018).  ISBN 978-0812996685.  320p.


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