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The Lakeshore Chronicles, Book 11

Before I get into this book, I have to mention that my son recently got engaged to a brilliant, beautiful young woman and my husband and I are just thrilled! And in an ironic twist, they have decided to get married. . . . .wait for it. . . . .in the Catskills! If only the Inn or camp on Willow Lake were available…or if only there was a Willow Lake or town of Avalon. But I’m not worried, there are many, many beautiful little towns and lakes in the Catskills and they have found a gorgeous venue for their wedding next June. I can hardly wait! It did give this series special meaning to me.

So, book 11, is Mason Bellamy’s story. His mother, Alice, a widow, is a complete invalid and wheelchair bound since she lost her husband in a horrible accident. When she has a bad fall at home, Mason is forced to leave his jet-setting life in Manhattan to return home to Avalon until he can find a nurse to take care of his mother. Alice finds fault with just about everyone and has chased many nurses away already. She is not happy with her lot in life, misses her husband but more importantly, her very exciting life. But those are the facts and she is having a horrible time trying to deal with it all.

Faith McCallum is a single mom who is one paycheck away from being homeless with her two daughters. Her husband died very young from complications of diabetes, and her youngest daughter has it as well. Those medical bills are the reason they are on the edge financially, and Wiggs does a fine job of making that point without being the least bit preachy or political.

When she lands herself the nursing job with Alice Bellamy, she also gets living accommodations. Alice is not thrilled with the situation, but eventually Faith and her girls win her over – along with Mason, who is suspicious of everyone. Soon he finds himself enjoying life in Avalon while his fiancée is furious about his NYC defection. And he finds himself seeking out his mother’s nurse more and more.

Faith and Mason may come from very different backgrounds, but they share similar values, although it takes them both some time to figure that out. Faith didn’t want to get hurt again, and Mason had always thought he would marry someone used to his lifestyle. They both learn something new about each other and life.

But the romance is not the main story here. It is about Alice learning to live life again, even though she is in a wheelchair. It’s about Faith learning to trust her heart. It’s about Mason learning to trust his heart. It’s about Faith’s daughters learning from Alice, and she from them – and that is the soul of this story. A story of redemption, and a very fitting place to end the series.

I also wanted to mention that while I have reviewed every book in the series, there is also a novella! “Homecoming Season” is in an anthology called “More than Words: Stories of Courage” that features three novellas; this one, by Wiggs, and two more by Sharon Sala and Emilie Richards respectively. I didn’t read the other two yet but I will, then maybe I’ll review the anthology. But for now, I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it in wrapping up the Lakeshore Chronicles. Need I say it is a wonderful story? It truly is, and a memorable one.

So this is it. The last book in the series (so far…) although I found this on Susan Wigg’s website:

One can only hope.

6/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

STARLIGHT ON WILLOW LAKE by Susan Wiggs. MIRA; Original edition (February 23, 2016). ISBN 978-0778318712. 464p.


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  1. Marianne Reeves says:

    Congratulations on your son’s engagement and thank you for another great review. I have never been to the Catskills but it’s on my list of places to visit.

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