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Wildstone, Book 2

So once again I missed the first book of a series, but I would never have known and I don’t think I missed anything – other than what was probably a really good read. Shalvis is a terrific storyteller and I love her sense of humor so I just reserved Lost and Found Sisters at my library.

Lanie Jacobs is a young widow whose life took a turn towards a Lifetime movie after her husband’s death when four more women came forward and claimed they were also married to him. Lucky for Lanie, she was the first so she got the insurance policy but money doesn’t cure everything. She feels totally humiliated so when a temporary job offer comes up out of town, she jumps on it.

Lanie is a graphic designer and it is the Capriotti family run winery that gives her some respite. She is a bit shell shocked over the whole ordeal with her husband, so keeps to herself. But the Capriotti family doesn’t get that – they are a big, loud, nosy, loving Italian family that likes nothing more than feeding and taking care of everyone, family and employees alike.

Mark Capriotti is a single father with twin girls. An Air Force veteran turned deputy sheriff, he resigned his military career after his wife took off, abandoning their young girls. He knew the only way he’d be able to handle it was to move back home. With all the loving family support, he is managing.

River Brown is hired after Lanie when she shows up at the winery, pregnant and obviously living in her car. The Capriotti’s take her in, give her a job and a place to live and things seem to be finally going well. Except River is there for some nefarious purpose that we don’t find out until everything blows up.

Mark is determined to be the best cop and best father he can be, and in his mind, that means no dating, no women at all until his girls are grown up. Lanie has lost all confidence in her ability to judge men, and has some real trust issues. Nonetheless, they form a friendship that eventually grows into something more.

This was a very enjoyable escape with terrific characters, an interesting storyline and a wonderful setting. I liked the little bit of mystery and the budding romances. Shalvis usually writes contemporary romance, but this book is much more women’s fiction with a touch of romance. Pour yourself a glass of wine and settle in for a good read.

6/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

RAINY DAY FRIENDS by Jill Shalvis. William Morrow Paperbacks (June 19, 2018). ISBN 978-0062448149. 384p.


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