EXIT STRATEGY by Charlton Pettus

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A novel about a situation that may be too good to be true and the apparent answer to big problems that are not solvable and can’t be faced. It is an “exit strategy,” one that allows someone to literally disappear from their lives with no trace.

Pettus postulates the existence of a large company specializing in just that. Providing a way for an individual to simply leave his or her current life and move into another. Your death can be faked, you can have your features altered, a complete new identity supplied and launder any money you have in order to use it in an another country to start a complete new life.

Jordan Parrish is the brilliant founder of a medical technology company that finds himself in a situation with his company and his marriage failing. There seems no way out of the situation when he remembers that he was convinced by someone to set up an arrangement with “Exit Strategy,” a large company dedicated to simply provide the wherewithal to leave it all behind. He makes one telephone call and the next day is picked up by people that place him in an almost prison like area and keep him isolated from the world. In a relatively short period he is taken out and brought to Japan and helped to start his new life.

This move makes him start to doubt his decision and realize that if something is too good to be true it probably isn’t. The novel goes into Jordan’s dilemma and also provides an on going look at what his disappearance has done to his family; his wife and two children. His partner and best friend Alex attempts to keep up with the business and provides support and comfort to Jordan’s family in his absence. The question of how he got in touch with “Exit Strategy” and what are the consequences of wanting out of the situation are an important aspect of the novel. The reader will be guaranteed a different and certainly captivating read and perhaps wonder as both the author and I did if such a company and their results could actually exist. One can very correctly assume that would certainly be a great deal of interest in it’s capabilities.

5/18 Paul Lane

EXIT STRATEGY by Charlton Pettus. Hanover Square Press (May 1, 2018). ISBN: 978-1335016928. 400p.

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