RESET by Brian Andrews

RESET by Brian Andrews

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Reset is a well done science fiction novel, but one with a message that the author wishes to convey to his readers. Based on scientifically based geological evidence unearthed by experts in the fields there have been five extinctions of life on earth down through the eons. They have been caused by natural events such as comets, fire etc. Is there a sixth extinction in the near future?

The novel begins with army sergeant Michael Pitcher discovering an object in Afghanistan while he is on patrol. After interacting with it he finds that it possesses unusual powers. He also suffers a traumatic seizure and is sent back to the states for evaluation and treatment. At the same time the object: a cube is packed and sent to authorities in the U.S. for determination of what it is and what are the powers it contains.

Sergeant Pitcher is released from the hospital and sent home to recuperate in company of his wife Josie. But Josie discovers that her beloved husband is a very changed man from the one that was deployed to Afghanistan. He is coldly withdrawn from her and soon empties out their bank accounts and disappears.

Enter CIA agent Dean Ninemeyer, who is investigating the disappearance of Pitcher and coincidentally a group of scientists that were involved with him. It falls on Josie Pitcher and Dean to begin searching out answers to what is going on. What they find, and how they go about it provides the meat and bones of Reset and guarantees an interesting story for it’s readers.

As an afterward, Andrews does freely bring out his opinion that mankind itself will bring about the sixth extinction talked about in the book. He cites the failure to pay attention to what he claims is the very real menace of global warming, the explosive growth of human population and the frequent disappearance of other than human species.

5/18 Paul Lane

RESET by Brian Andrews. Thomas & Mercer (April 24, 2018). ISBN 978-1503954267. 382p.

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