DARK TERRITORY by Leo J. Maloney

dark territory

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Maloney has written several books with Dan Morgan as the principal character. Dan is a member of an ultra elite group dedicated to finding and eradicating enemies of the United States.

In a previous novel, Dan’s daughter Alex joins the group much against the will of her father. Her desire is to become one of the best operators belonging to the organization and it is with this in mind that the novel opens with Alex in Russia. Her task is to take out a sadistic North Korean officer.

Succeeding with her mission she boards the Trans Siberian railway, the longest railroad in the world and her designated means of escaping Russia. Not surprising, instead of a long restful ride she encounters a fiendish plot and the people planning it on the train.

A Russian scientist has been kidnapped, along with his daughter, and is being forced to use an invention of his to either destroy Washington or Moscow or both. The daughter is being held as a means of forcing her father to comply with the demands of the terrorists. Alex figures out what is happening and enters into the fray in order to stop the destruction before it begins.

Dan learns that his daughter is on the train and may be in danger. He gets his organization to fly him over to the scene of the action. Needless to say, Maloney gives us an ultra fast thriller with the scene shifting back and forth among the protagonists and causing the reader to become caught up in the events. The book is typical of a Dan Morgan thriller, keeping the reader glued to the action and certainly awaiting the next novel in the series. A well done and satisfying read.

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4/18 Paul Lane

DARK TERRITORY by Leo J. Maloney. Lyrical Underground (April 24, 2018). ASIN B074DHCNML.

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