FAKE WIFE by Stacey Lynn

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Corbin is your typical hot millionaire playboy who works in the family business. He’s not close with his parents but truly adores his grandmother and the time he spent at her home on the beach. When she passes away, he is devastated, especially when he hears about his inheritance. She left him the only home he ever loved, but with a catch – he has to be married within 6 months to inherit.

Teagan is not having a very good day. First she loses her job, then heads home to find her boyfriend in bed – their bed – with another woman. She tears out of the house and boom! Next thing she knows she’s rear ended a very expensive car. And worst of all, she recognizes the driver, Portland’s most eligible bachelor and her secret crush, Corbin.

Much to her shock, he is awfully nice about the damage to his car. In fact, he comes up with a crazy proposition: she should come home with him, marry him, then they can get it annulled or divorce after he inherits. She needs a job and a place to live so it’s a win-win for both of them. Until they fall in love.

It’s a silly premise for a book but a really fun read – pure escapism including a lot of heat. It was exactly what I needed.

3/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

FAKE WIFE by Stacey Lynn.  Loveswept (January 9, 2018). ASIN: B06ZZL8W1V. 219p.

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