BY THE BOOK by Julia Sonneborn

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Anne Corey is a struggling English professor. She has a huge pile of student loans to pay off and finally has a job that she loves, teaching English literature at a small, private college in California.

Then her dream job becomes a bit of a nightmare.  Unfortunately, this school really lives by “publish or perish” and Anne’s time is running out. If she can’t get a book published, she’s out. There is a new college president, Adam Martinez, who happens to be the man who dumped her on their graduation day from college – shortly after proposing to her.

The only bright spot is visiting professor Rick Chasen, an award winning author who is also really hot. They hit it off and start a casual relationship, and he even offers to help Anne get her book published. Anne is also dealing with her father, who appears to be suffering from dementia.

Seeing Adam on a regular basis is proving to be more difficult than she thought it would be, especially because he and Rick seem to be at odds. Then things go from bad to worse, and Anne is moving up and down the highs and lows of her life – until she reaches her happy ending.

This is a modern day retelling of Jane Austen’s classic Persuasion. You don’t have to have read it to appreciate this book, and it is so well done that even if you are a fan of Austen, you will still enjoy this contemporary story.

3/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

BY THE BOOK by Julia Sonneborn. Gallery Books (February 6, 2018).  ISBN 978-1501175183. 384p.


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