SURRENDER by Joan Johnston

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A Bitter Creek Novel, Book 16

Taylor Grayhawk is a pilot who drops smoke jumpers off into the fires of a national park. But her last jumper, Brian Flynn, also happens to be her old high school flame (no pun intended!) Not to mention their families have been feuding for years. As she flies in closer, she realizes that there is no where to drop him, and then the worst happens, she loses control of the plane.

Flynn forces her to jump with him, and in doing so saves her life as the plane crashes and burns. Somehow they find a small patch of green to land in but a grizzly bear appears out of nowhere and mauls Flynn’s leg. He manages to scare off the bear and realizes it came out of a cave nearby.

They decide to take shelter in the cave, but before he can drag all his equipment inside with them, fire takes out a huge tree which falls over, completely blocking the entrance to the cave and their only way out. Luckily, there is clean water running down the rocks inside but they don’t have enough food to last very long.

Brian and Taylor have nothing much to do other than take care of his wounds and rekindle their relationship. But can it last? Will Flynn survive his wound? Will they starve to death before they are found? All good questions to be sure, but I’m not telling. Go read, it’s a fast, exciting story with a bit of sex thrown in for fun.

Johnston did her homework and learning about smoke jumpers, forest fires and firefighting in general was interesting for sure and added to the story.

I am a little confused about this series though – I read book 15 (the last book,  BLACKTHORNE’S BRIDE) and it was historical. I’ve never read a series that jumped from historical to contemporary. Am I missing something?

3/18 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

SURRENDER by Joan Johnston. Dell (February 27, 2018).  ISBN 978-0399177767. 416p.


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