Cyber War, Book 1

Boush brings us the first book in what he indicates will be a series about a war between the US and it’s enemies North Korea, China, and Russia.  If volume I is at all indicative of what is to follow we are in for a treat.

The book opens with the sudden advent of the loss of the electrical grid throughout the U.S.  New cars stop suddenly, planes fall from the sky, all lights go out, traffic is a disaster and satellites begin falling down from their orbits above us. Boush indicates that in his personal opinion our electrical grid installations would be simplicity itself to hack into and control.  This is what happens with a technician working for North Korea  who the author utilizes to illustrate what is going  on with the forces allied against America and how this war is being fought.

With Armageddon occurring, the author uses nine people from different areas experiencing the disaster and moving to Portland, Oregon as a possibility to regain some semblance of the now lost civilization.  Two of those nine are depicted taking off from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, losing control and ejecting from the plane before it crashes into the sea.

Another is  Brendan Chogan, an out of work Parking enforcement officer who is introduced as he takes a job interview and told that he has not been successful in getting hired. He is a huge man, formerly a heavy weight boxer whose only desire is providing for his wife and two daughters as best as he can.

The adventures of the nine strangers in safely moving through the disasters around them provide a well orchestrated read about ordinary people suddenly thrust into a situation in which every facet of the civilization they formerly counted on sustaining their lives is gone. Boush is successful in showing these people in moving towards a situation where they are forced to and do adapt to the circumstances they are surrounded with. The novel can easily be read on a stand alone basis, but we are shown enough background to understand that more will come shortly. These books will surely be well received and looked forward to.

2/18 Paul Lane

ALL SYSTEMS DOWN by Sam Boush. Lakewater Press (February 8, 2018).  ISBN 978-0994451279.

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