THE DECEIVERS by Alex Berenson

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A John Wells Novel, Book 12

In 2007, Alex Berenson published his first novel featuring John Wells. The concept behind this warrior was incredible. He was working for the CIA and somehow had infiltrated a field unit of the terror group Al Quada remaining with them for three years. He learned their language, learned their methods, and thought highly enough of their religion to become a convert. His return to the CIA was forced by having to openly turn on the group he was with in order to forestall an attack on the west.

In this book, Vinnie Duto, former head of the CIA, is now the president of the United States. He calls John into his office after an attack by terrorists occurs in Dallas, Texas. It is the most horrific attack ever and John is positive that he would be assigned to go after the perpetrators. Somewhat to his surprise the president does not want him to investigate Dallas but to travel to Columbia to pick up information from an old asset living there and deliver it to headquarters. However, the trip turns out to be one of the deadliest assignments John has been assigned to. It brings him into a world of sleeper cells, sniper teams and double agents high up in the United States government.

The information obtained also seems to point out a plot by the Russian government to initiate a coup to take over the American government. And the attack on Dallas is found to be related to the scheme.

Berenson’s John Wells novels are all punctuated by constant action and “The Deceivers” is no exception. A turn in the enemy Wells faces seems to be broadcast by the possibility of the Russian government being involved in planning a coup. The author slightly plays down the possibility of radical Islamists being the cause of world wide terrorism by introducing several Muslims who are against these actions. But whoever the real enemy is John Wells being a part of US anti-terrorism activities will remain in the fight supplying the reader with one engrossing book after another.

2/18 Paul Lane

THE DECEIVERS by Alex Berenson. G.P. Putnam’s Sons (February 6, 2018).  ISBN 978-0399176166. 448p.

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