TRAITOR by Jonathan de Shalit

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A very tightly written and  plotted novel about a young man working for the Israeli government.  For personal reasons he makes the decision to approach the American government via their embassy and offer to provide them with information about secret Israeli activities.  The offer is snapped up by the agent that he talked with and Alon  the young man  is interviewed and accepted as a contracted mole.  In a completely unexpected turn of events the man accepting Alon is actually a mole in his own right working for the Soviet government.

Alon rises up in the ranks of the Israeli government and becomes a key adviser to the Prime Minister.  All the while he has been feeding information to his handler thinking it is going to the Americans when it is actually being  sent to Moscow.  Suddenly a hint that a spy is entrenched within the high ranks of the Israeli government causes a team to be assembled to catch him and if possible his handler as well. The chase takes the team from Tel Aviv and Moscow into the United States.

The pursuit of the spy by the team’s members is extremely well depicted with reactions of all involved ringing true in the settings of the novel. De Shalit has another book coming out shortly and due to his previous real life position as a high ranking official in the Israeli intelligence community it is a safe bet that that novel will be equally as mesmerizing as “Traitor.”

2/18 Paul Lane

TRAITOR by Jonathan de Shalit. Atria/Emily Bestler Books (January 30, 2018).  ISBN 978-1501170485. 320p.

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