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Alice Campbell and her husband Todd have moved to the well to do section of north Palm Beach county in Florida.  Todd is an architect and has found  a position in the area.  Alice was a professor of logic at the university level forced to give up her job in the move to Florida.

Unable to connect to another teaching job, Alice spends time going around the area to various functions trying to develop a social life.  She meets Katherine (Kat) Grant, and the two women quickly form a strong friendship meeting for lunches and get-togethers. Kat is the daughter of a very wealthy family and every bit the socialite with Alice a woman involved with her husband in the suburban routine of trying to make ends meet.  Kat is quick to invite Alice to lunches and even short getaways indicating that she is doing this because she enjoys the rapport she has with her and has enough money to do so.

Kat confides to Alice that her marriage to Howard, a financier, is a horror. Howard is a drunk, a bully,  a philanderer and proves himself a wife beater. Than while Kat is away on a trip to England, Howard falls to his death from the second floor of their mansion.  Looks like a freak accident, but the police,  out of the blue, arrest Alice on a murder charge. Was the fall a murder? Wouldn’t Kat be a more logical suspect if it were?  The relationship between Alice and Kat becomes distant with doubts about what is going on.

Hunt expertly takes the story to an ending that is logical but not readily foreseen, and gives us a novel that is mesmerizing as well as skillfully keeping the reader guessing and glued to the book.


1/18 Paul Lane

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by Margot Hunt. MIRA (January 23, 2018).  ISBN 978-0778331131. 336p.

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