Best Books of 2017: Paul Lane

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1) Column of Fire by Ken Follett – Third book in series by the author revolving about the fictional city of Kingsbridge in England. Set during the Elizabethan period and is masterful description of that age and the rise to power of Elizabeth I. As always characterizations are masterful, plot mesmerizing.

2) Charlatans by Robin Cook – Latest book by Cook. Similar to all prior novels talks about an error occurring during a routine medical procedure, the death of the patient and the fault attempting to be laid on the wrong person. Medical information well executed to be understood by us laymen.

3) Execute Authority by Dalton Fury – Novel concerns the actions of Kolt Rayner and his Delta Force squadron. Action galore in solving attempted assassination of the American president while on a visit to Greece. Unfortunately the final book about Rayner since the author Dalton Fury passed away from cancer prior to publication. He will be missed by his readers.

4) Red Swan by Peter Deutermann – Deutermann finished a career in the navy emerging with the rank of Captain. Since his retirement he has dedicated himself to writing novels based on his knowledge of things military. “Red Swan” describes the efforts of both the FBI and the CIA in their constant efforts to protect America from it’s foreign and domestic enemies. A swan is an action taken against a person or group in which the perpetrator takes the attitude that they know nothing about what has happened. One of Mr Deutermann’s best plots.

5) When You Disappeared by John Marrs – Fascinating plot about the ramifications of a marriage during which the husband disappears for 25 years. Action starts when he suddenly returns home. The happenings to both the husband and wife form the crux of the book and leave the reader with a sigh and a feeling of having undergone a major event.

6) The Irregular by H.B. Lyle – Novel about the founding of the British Secret Service during the early years of the 20th century. Investigations have been started against Germany and Russia with the probable advent of WWI. Actual Persona that lived during that period are incorporated into the book and long mention is made regarding Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character of Sherlock Holmes. Reason being that Holmes was one of the earliest characters using close examination and sound reasoning to solve cases.

7) Fever by Deon Meyer – Meyer is a South African author who has begun reaching readers in the United States. Fever is a monumental work by him describing actions by people surviving a 21st century black death plague that has killed off most of the world’s population. Surviving and than taking on the task of rebuilding civilization as best as they could. Plenty of heroes as well as villains make for a fascinating read.

8) Poison by Galt Niederhoffer – Niederhoffer enjoys a very rewarding and satisfying career as a first line maker of award winning films. She also has time somehow to write novels such as this one that are very well done. The book is a look at the second place that women seem to be awarded vis a vis men. A wife finds that her husband is trying to kill her in order to get out of the marriage. She attempts to get help from other people, the police and even her own mother who all seem to take the attitude that her husband is not in the wrong.

9) Weycombe by G.M. Malliet – A murder mystery set in an upscale community. The book is set in first person narrative, somewhat tongue in cheek but also a character study of witness testifying. Each person questioned about the murder has seen the same things but offers a different narrative describing those events.

10) The Prague Sonata by Bradford Morrow – A book that is in every way beautiful revolving around the search for a libretto of an unknown piece of music by a famous writer. Starting at the end of World War I in Czechoslovakia moving through World War II and the subsequent the later occupation by Russia. Later following one of the two principal characters to London and than the United States it brings her together with the other principal in a search for the missing Sonata. Leaves the reader with the feeling that they have just experienced something wonderful.

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