The Blue Heron Series by Kristan Higgins

I’ve been reviewing these books individually but decided to just do a series review at this point. I started reading this series, as I am wont to do, out of order. I actually read book 5, Anything for You, first. Then I sort of forgot about it until my work daughter, Caitlin, told me how much she loved this series and thought I would, too. So I got the first book, The Best Man, and that was it. I was planning on saving the rest to read over my Christmas vacation, but I couldn’t wait. I read them all in a week, and yes, that includes re-reading book 5, reading on my work breaks, reading on my phone in line at the supermarket and at traffic lights, and occasionally (guiltily) during slow times at work.

Here are brief synopses of each of the books, along with links to the reviews I’ve already posted:

The Best Man: After being left at the altar years ago, Faith is ready to return to her family’s winery, but when she finds herself drawn to local police chief Levi, she cannot forget the role he played in breaking up her wedding. Review

The Perfect Match: After Honor Holland agrees to a marriage of convenience to help British professor Tom Barlow stay in the country, she begins to wonder if there isn’t something more between them. Review

Waiting on You: When Lucas Campbell, who broke her heart ten years earlier, returns to town, bar owner Colleen O’Rourke is tempted to give him a second chance, but wary of being hurt again.

In Your Dreams: When she asks Jack Holland to be her escort to her ex-fiancâe’s wedding and they end up in bed together, Emmaline Neal dismisses it as a one-night stand, but Jack is determined to convince her that it could be something more.

Anything for You: When Connor O’Rourke proposes to his long-time on-again, off-again secret girlfriend, Jessica Dunn, and she says no, he gives her an ultimatum–marry him or their relationship is over. Review


After reading them semi-out-of-order, I have to say they are best read in order, unlike some other romance series. While each book can and does stand alone, following the relationships as they develop adds something to each book. The setting is a small town in upstate New York with the Blue Heron Winery at its center, and all the characters are inter-related in one way or another.

Higgins strength as a writer, besides her terrific storytelling ability, is her sense of humor, her ability to create strong, believable characters, and enough drama and romance to keep the pages turning. Best of all, she does it all seamlessly. Her books are emotionally satisfying, which I deeply appreciate. She literally makes me laugh and cry in each and every book; the crying is rare and special, and the humor is sometimes surprising and often laugh out loud funny. I actually laughed until I cried reading Waiting on You.

So let’s call this what it is, a love letter to Kristan Higgins. And Caitlin. Let me add she has terrific stand-alone novels as well – On Second Thought was fantastic (review forthcoming,) and I’m saving her upcoming Now That You Mention It for that aforementioned Christmas vacation, along with whichever other titles my library has in digital format. I can’t wait!


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