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Sunshine Creek Vinyard, Book 3

I actually have been reading this series (in order!) so I was delighted to get this third book. This series is about a family who owns a vineyard, and they are best read in order to make sense of who these people are. This book centers around one of the brothers, Parker, who is trying to find his place in the family business. He is a chef with a food truck and decides to convert an old barn on the property into a wedding venue for his older brother, and then a restaurant. The wedding date gives him a firm deadline, and his brother has turned into “groomzilla” after the bride turns over the wedding planning to him.

Parker is starting from the ground up, and building out the restaurant from square one. A gorgeous young woman shows up one day, claiming to be a chef and looking for work. Gabriella is nothing if not determined; when Parker explains that he is no where near ready to hire, she is undeterred. She offers to audition, cook him a meal, and if he likes it he can make her first in line for when he is ready to hire. Not one to turn a pretty lady away, he agrees.

Gabriella has a bit of baggage herself, and she is definitely keeping it on the down low. But she cooks and looks like a dream and Parker offers her one night of pleasure. He is not ready for any kind of relationship and she’s fine with that, too. But she keeps coming around, helping out with the building, the wedding planning, the restaurant planning and Parker finds himself increasingly drawn to her, and loves working with her. Until her past explodes in his face.

This is another good read in a terrific series, a one nighter for me. Loved it.

11/17 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

TANGLED UP IN TINSEL by Candis Terry. Avon Impulse (October 10, 2017). ASIN B01ARKZN7M. 171p.

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