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Robin Jessop, a shop owner, has come across a possible clue to finding the lost treasure of the ancient order of Knights Templar. The Templars had been wiped out in a purge by another sect of the church centuries ago but probably hid away the amazing amount of wealth they had accumulated during their existence. Robin and her boyfriend David Mallory set out to find the treasure pursued by a sector of the church that wants the wealth for their order.

Robin and David find clues to where the treasure is located and move across Europe in search of it, pursued relentlessly by the sect that also wants it. The circumstances described in the book should really lead to continuous action but the main part of the novel is tedious solving of one clue after another. This causes the novel to be slowed down and forces the reader to become bogged down in detail after detail while sluggishly moving forward.

I found the ending to be just an apparent means of quickly terminating the novel with little or no satisfaction in following the book. I trust that this novel is not indicative of future books by this author who has taken a great idea and done little with it.

10/17 Paul Lane

THE TEMPLAR BROTHERHOOD by James Becker. Berkley (October 3, 2017).  ISBN 978-0451473974. 464p.


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