SCORED by Sloane Howell

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This is another sports romance, this time baseball, with an erotica bent. It’s pretty hot and a lot of fun.

Kelsey works in a record store – vinyl records, and she’s really into music. Her best friends introduce her to Matt, a professional athlete, and while physically she is drawn to him, she can’t imagine them having anything in common.

Matt thinks she’s really cute and unbeknownst to Kelsey, he really loves music. So when he finally asks her out, it’s to a concert at one of his favorite venues. Turns out it’s one of her favorites, too.

Try as she does to fight it, Kelsey and Matt have a lot in common and things really heat up between them. It wouldn’t be a romance without some aggravation along the way, but of course they get their happy ending. This is a fast, fun read, available as an ebook only.

SCORED by Sloane Howell. Loveswept (October 17, 2017). ASIN B01M3TJQA6. 221p.

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