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Smythe-Smith Quartet Series, Book 1

If you are in the mood for a sweet romance, this is your book. That said, there are a couple of pages of gristly medical procedure descriptions that I read with one eye…

Lady Honoria grew up with a large family, including her only brother Daniel. His best friend, Marcus, was an only child and spent much of his childhood with Honoria’s family, and she thinks of him like a brother.

Daniel has run into some trouble and has fled the country, asking Marcus to keep an eye on Honoria’s suitors as she is now in the marriage market. He scares off several unsuitable suitors, leaving her to face her third season still unwed. She hatches a plot where she digs a little hole in the yard, plants her foot in it and feigns injury – except no one comes to her aid except a laughing Marcus who was out walking the property line. Unfortunately, in “rescuing” Honoria, he actually falls into the hole and wrenches his ankle. Of course it starts raining, and it takes a couple of hours before help comes to get him home.

Honoria feels terrible since it is entirely her fault that he got hurt. And when his valet accidentally cuts his leg while cutting off the boot from the sprained ankle, an infection sets in which the doctor doesn’t notice. Marcus’s housekeeper sends a note to Honoria, telling her that he is deathly ill and she and her mother go to stay with him, helping to nurse him.

Marcus is not used to anyone taking care of him like Honoria does, and they fall in love. There is a sweet love scene towards the end, and they reach their happily ever after.

Quinn writes such good stories, always filled with humor and emotion. This is another excellent read.

10/17 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

JUST LIKE HEAVEN by Julia Quinn. Avon; First Edition edition (May 31, 2011).  ISBN 978-0061491900. 384p.


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