ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL by Jennifer Probst

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The Billionaire Builders, Book 3

I am so sad to say that this is the final book, I really loved this HGTV style romance series.

The Pierce brothers are the stars of the series. In the first book, Everywhere and Every Way,  the eldest brother, Caleb Pierce, meets his match. The second book, Any Time, Any Place, features Dalton Pierce, and he, too, finds his soulmate. Now it’s Tristan’s turn.

Sydney Greene pretty much grew up in the Pierce household. Raised by her grandparents, the boys mom, Diana, is as close to a mother as Sydney has. And even though she was only eight years old the first time she set eyes on Tristan, she knew she would always love him.

Tristan is a few years older than Sydney and for most of his childhood, he thinks of her as a baby sister, someone to protect when needed. Eventually she grows up into a beautiful young woman, and she makes her desire for him apparent. He can’t resist and they have a secretive affair for quite a while before the family finds out. But by that point, Tristan is having some major issues with his family and wants to move to New York City to pursue a real estate career. On their last night together, Sydney tries to get up the courage to tell him she’s pregnant, but she never gets the chance. He leaves her, and she quickly rebounds and marries a man who is willing to take on a pregnant wife.

Fast forward several years and Sydney is long divorced after her brief marriage, and an essential employee in the family business that Tristan has returned to. He tries to ignore her, and she him, but their connection is too strong. Whether it is strong enough to survive him finding out her daughter is also his, is the biggest hurdle they will have to face. Sydney’s daughter is a wonderful addition to the story and often steals her scenes.

Probst writes really great stories with well-developed characters and lots of hot, explicit sex. Although it seems like there is a bit of repetition with some of the descriptions – his snowy white shirt, his whiskey eyes, and so forth, this was still a one night read for me and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see what Probst has coming up next.

7/17 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL by Jennifer Probst. Gallery Books (July 25, 2017). ISBN 978-1501124297. 384p.


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