Author Spotlight: Gideon Rachman

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Easternization by Gideon Rachman

Asia’s Rise and America’s Decline From Obama to Trump and Beyond

**Named BOOK OF THE WEEK by Fareed Zakaria, CNN**

Gideon Rachman, Financial Times Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, will be in the US for events during the week of 5/22. He is primed to discuss growing tensions with North Korea, Trump’s reversal on Xi Jinping & China and broader brush-stroke arguments about the growing shift of economic and political power away from the West and towards Asia.

· CHICAGO, IL: Chicago Council on Global Affairs – 5/22
· SAN FRANCISCO, CA: World Affairs Council San Francisco & Mechanics Institute – 5/23·
· SEATTLE, WA : Town Hall Seattle – 5/24
· NEW YORK, NY: 92nd Street – 5/25

NY Times Op Ed: How Trump Can Solve His Chinese Puzzle

“Reviewing China’s challenge to America’s decades long predominance in Asia’s waters, Mr. Rachman links it to a broader Chinese goal, led by Mr. Xi, of finally overcoming China’s so-called “century of humiliation.” This is a fascinating story…”

“This intelligent and provocative new book by [The Financial Times] leading Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Gideon Rachman, reminds us of different requirements for journalistic excellence: historical education, engagement in scholarly debates and tireless travel to interview global decision-makers.”

The fresh and persuasive argument laid out in EASTERNIZATION, contends that the rise of China is bringing to an end, the era of American dominance of world affairs. As Rachman explains, the eclipse of America is driven by a historic shift in power from the West to Asia – that is bringing to a close, 500 years of Western dominance of world affairs.

The book crisply outlines the mounting evidence for “Easternization”; catapulted by Asian countries exponential growth over the last fifty years. This escalating power-shift eastward is directly shaping the lives of people around the world, from Russia to Brazil to Ethiopia, and domestically within the U.S. – jeopardizing a tenuous peace between East and West.

EASTERNIZATION goes further to explain the appeal of Trump, Brexit and the growing wave of nationalist populism in Western countries and considers how this phenomenon will play into and escalate changes to the global balance of power. A timely preface addresses the election of Donald Trump and his pledge to “make America great again” – by returning the US to a golden era, when America’s status as the richest and most powerful nation in the world was unchallenged. Rachman argues that the Trump strategy, by failing to adapt intelligently to an irreversibly changed world, is actually likely to escalate the decline of US power around the globe – and increase the risk of instability and conflict between the major powers.

Drawing from interviews with top political and military leaders, EASTERNIZATION is an absorbing, cogent argument and a must-read for anyone interested in the underlying forces driving fiscal and political upheaval and threatening the West’s global power.

« From the Winner of the 2016 Orwell Prize and the 2016 European Press Prize Commentator Award «

“A focused delineation of the shifting center of gravity toward Asia and the need for a strenuous Western response without losing global primacy. Financial Times chief foreign affairs commentator Rachman (Zero-Sum Future: American Power in an Age of Anxiety, 2011), a recent winner of the Orwell Prize, presents a fair, astute assessment of China’s rise during the past few decades in relation to its nervous neighbors, and especially the nuanced—and highly criticized—response of President Barack Obama… Rachman carefully looks at both India’s and Russia’s roles in the global shift toward “easternization,” and he considers the American and Western response, which has been largely ineffectual since the crises of 2008…A sage, forward-seeing study to be heeded.” —KIRKUS

“Excellent… Rachman’s theme takes him on a most interesting and stimulating tour du monde. His discussion of the impact of China’s rise on south-east Asia, contrary to the great majority of accounts, is subtle and nuanced… A most informative, readable and interesting piece of work that deserves a wide readership.” —Martin Jacques, GUARDIAN

“What this book is really about, and is very good at describing,
is the growing impact of China on its neighbors, on the world” —THE ECONOMIST

“A vivid and persuasive analysis of the dramatic shifts in global power…In his timely new book, Easternization, Gideon Rachman articulates a clear and persuasive idea… [His] flair for rich anecdotes, clever writing, strong analysis and original insight are impressive… Easternization hits its mark, with a wide range of arguments and prognostications that scholars and policymakers must contemplate as we consider the coming Asian century.” —FINANCIAL TIMES

About the Author

Gideon Rachman is chief foreign affairs commentator for the Financial Times. He won the European Press Prize awards, regarded as the “European Pulitzers,” as well as the Orwell Prize, Britain’s leading award for political writing, in 2016. Before joining the Financial Times in 2006, Gideon spent 15 years as a journalist and editor at The Economist  – and he has worked as a foreign correspondent in Bangkok, Brussels, and Washington. His first book,Zero-Sum Future (2010), predicted the rise in international political tensions and turmoil that followed the 2008 global financial crisis. He is married with four children and lives in London.

EASTERNIZATION by Gideon Rachman. Other Press (April 4, 2017). ISBN: 978-1590518519. 336p.

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