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Tom Reese is not a member of the CIA nor any other lettered agency of the Federal Government. But his brother Eric was and was killed.

The agency has allowed the case of Eric’s death to go cold. Tom assumes the personage of an active CIA operative and gets himself transferred to Paris and joins the team that traces his only link to his brother’s killer.

Remember that authors use literary license in order to make their story palatable. So we will disregard the impossible feat of assuming the identity of an active agent of the CIA and proceed to the events.

Eric Blake and his team were engaged in finding a man who was the test subject of a project to turn out the perfect soldier via augmenting his body. The CIA finally realizes that there are two Tom Reeses’ working for them in two different places. Plus the man that was augmented discovers that someone is after him.

In going forward, Tom meets the daughter of the augmented man and agrees to drive her from Paris to Berlin to meet her father. She trusts him to do so (again literary license) and in avoiding both the CIA and a group after them, fall in love. In a coincidence it is also discovered that Tom was augmented in the same experiment as his brother.

The novel does keep the reader’s interest and continually reading. The setting in Europe is well documented and the action sufficient to say that disregarding the improbable makes the book well worth the time spent reading it. I will be on the lookout for additional novels by Reardon and will have no problem overlooking what is, shall we say, far fetched.

1/17 Paul Lane

THE PROMETHEUS MAN by Scott Reardon. Mulholland Books; (January 24, 2017).  ISBN 978-0316310925. 352p.


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