GLAXO by Herman Ronsino

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Samuel Rutter (Translator)

Glaxo is the first novel by Ronsino to be translated into English and published in the United States. It is a short novel; actually more of a short story. The summary presented indicates that it is a chilling tale of murder, betrayal and romance.

It does bring these incidents into play, but without any development of the four boys, than men, that interact in the book. I finished it in a very short time continuing to look for the excitement promised. Never happened.

What did interest me was some description of the Pampas in Argentina during a fairly recent time. The characters are all interested in a movie shown in the local theater starring John Wayne. I guess that represents a situation that influences them, and the town they live in and the movie house showing the film is depicted as deteriorating over the several years involved in the action.

Ronsino’s credentials indicates that he is a sought after Latin American author. I would like to read a longer book that he has published and had translated into English. That would undoubtedly be a more rewarding way to develop an opinion about him as an author.

1/17 Paul Lane

GLAXO by Herman Ronsino. Melville House (January 17, 2017). ISBN: 978-1612195674. 112p.


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