MY FAIR PRINCESS by Vanessa Kelly

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The Improper Princesses, Book 1

I am quite proud of myself, I actually am reading the first book of a series first. A rare treat. Although, oddly, it did feel a bit like there may have been stories that came before. So maybe this series was spun off from another series? Ah, the mysteries of historical romances – eventually I will figure it out, I suppose.

This is a terrific romance between a very proper Duke and a complete “hoyden”. Gillian is the by blow (bastard) of royalty and has grown up a completely wild child in Sicily. When her beloved stepfather is killed, she tracks down and kills his murderers, a most unusual trait in a princess, I can assure you. But in doing so, Gillian has made herself the target of bandits wishing to avenge their compadres deaths.

Gillian, her mother and grandmother flee to England, where the Perfect Penroy, Duke of Leverton, agrees to sponsor Gillian into society, in hopes she will find a husband. But at her first ball, she punches out a man who insults her, fueling the gossip to a new extreme. Then when the Duke’s ex-fiancee ups the gossip ante with vicious lies, he takes the women to his country home until things die down a bit with the ton.

On the way, they are robbed and Gillian is distraught that the necklace from her stepfather has been taken. Bandits are working on Leverton land and the Gillian and the Duke cannot agree on how to handle it.

Eventually Gillian realizes that she is in love with the Duke, but is despondent that he could ever love someone like her. The Duke is a little slower to realize it but they do get their happy ending – but not until lots of danger, trading secrets about their pasts and some lovemaking occur.

This is an enjoyable read –  quick, lusty and fun. I’m looking forward to Three Weeks with a Princess, Book 2 in the series, but have to wait until next year for it.

10/16  Stacy Alesi AKA the BookBitch™

MY FAIR PRINCESS by Vanessa Kelly. Zebra (August 30, 2016). ISBN: 978-1420141092. 352p.

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