Purchase the e-book

Purchase the e-book

 You are eating at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles catering to the top personages in the movie business. There are stars, producers, high price agents and others in a position to be able to afford the prices charged, plus having the influence to get a reservation. Very calmly dining leisurely and discussing what is important to them..
Suddenly the appearance of a suicide bomber changes the entire temperament of the group. In place of talking about how important you are, terror grips the restaurant. The feeling of losing control, and possibly your life permeates the atmosphere.
Present is a high level, high priced agent who has the power to both arrange her own reservation as well as for others she wants seen there. A movie star that has just completed a blockbuster film and slammed his way into the top of the heap, and others who are accustomed to giving orders not receiving them hedged with death threats. The bomber has on a bomb, carries both a sub machine gun and a pistol. He makes no demands on authorities that gather to handle the  situation, but quickly proves himself an irrational psychopath by shooting several people to death for apparently no reason at all.
J.S. Carol, who is James Carol, with a superb record for writing books on various themes, has produced one of the most memorizing novels seen in a long time. Terming it an all nighter is not doing the book justice. The reader is simply grabbed by the action and dragged into the events. Why the concentration on JJ, the high priced agent, what does the bomber really want since he does not pull the plug on his device quickly as most suicide bombers are wont to do? One of the best novels out there in a great while, and one guaranteed to stay with us for quite a long period of time.
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10/16 Paul Lane

THE KILLING GAME by J.S. Carol. Bookouture (October 13, 2016). ASIN: B01LXKJUNR. 359p.


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