TREASON by Newt Gingrich & Pete Earley


The team of Newt Gingrich and Pete Earley bring out a sequel to their novel Duplicity, published early in 2016.  The two principal protagonists: Major Brooke Grant who has been at war with Islamic terrorism since her parents were killed on 9/11 and Sergeant Walks Many Miles.
The two  began a love affair when they were together as active duty Marines overseas. Treason opens with two occurrences.  Walks Many Miles, who is a full blooded American Indian, has resigned from the Marines since Major Grant cannot openly have an affair with an enlisted man.  The second is when a coordinated attack is launched against the U.S. president attending a funeral in Washington.
Brooke quickly realizes that Islamic Terrorism is closer than thought and is implanted in the United States and under command these terrorists are willing to die in order to kill Americans.
The mastermind of the terrorists is the “Falcon,” met previously in Duplicity, and it is discovered that he has a mole near the top of the U.S. government keeping him informed of the  plans against him.
While the book is fast and very interesting reading, it can also be looked upon as a political statement as have many other books down through history. The authors charge that the precepts of “Political Correctness” and “no profiling” are major obstacles in taking action against the terrorists.  They point out that while all Muslims are not terrorists, those that want to live in peace with America are browbeaten by others.  The Koran, their holy book is filled with admonitions to force their beliefs upon the infidel and do anything to bring Sharia law and the Muslim faith to the entire world. The FBI is no longer able to spy upon Mosques throughout the U.S. and unfortunately that has taken away a powerful weapon in the fight against Islamic Terrorism.
The type of book devoted to exposing certain political faults has usually met with opposition when written and published.  See one the earliest ones: Gulliver’s Travels published in the 1700s to bring out many of the faults of English society of the day.  Gingrich is a Republican, and a well known and respected figure on the national scene. He has authored various novels in the past; all enjoyable utilizing his insights into the subjects and periods described. Treason is a well done and thought provoking look at the fight against Islamic Terrorism.
NOTE: Paul Lane is a friend and long time reviewer for this site. That said, we have radically different political views, and after reading this review, I felt the need to point out that I completely disagree with everything political that is stated here. Those are his opinions, including that of Newt Gingrich, Muslims, terrorism, and so forth, and he is entitled to them. As am I.

10/16 Paul Lane

TREASON by Newt Gingrich & Pete Earley. Center Street (October 11, 2016).  ISBN 978-1455530441. 384p.


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  1. Clif Bradley says:

    Stacy: He said that not all Muslims are terrorists and you disagree with that statement? I get the feeling you’re a liberal Democrat. Can you clarify which parts you disagreed with. We can’t in fact spy on mosques. The Koran is replete with edicts to bring Sharia law to wherever Muslims live and to do it by force if not allowed. I think you let your hatred for Newt blind you to what was written.

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