ONCE UPON A WINE by Beth Kendrick

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Food & wine – any contemporary romance set in these worlds immediately grabs my interest. This one is set in a vineyard with a twist, it’s in Delaware.

Cammie has always wanted to own her own bar. After graduate school, she feels ready and falls in love with a chef who wants his own restaurant. They join forces, Cammie invests her entire inheritance, then the chef dumps her and moves to another restaurant.

Broke and almost homeless, Cammie jumps at the chance to help out the aunt that raised her. Aunt Ginger has invested her retirement into the Delaware winery in Black Dog Bay, the beach town they summered in most of their lives. Her cousin Kat is there too, and the women are as close as sisters. But none of them has any wine making experience, so this could be a disaster.

Turns out Kat is on the run from her marriage. A former superstar skateboarder, an injury forced her into retirement and Kat can’t deal with her life at the moment. Her husband is as supportive as can be, even showing up with a beautiful dog for her, but she needs to work stuff out on her own.

Cammie has some history in Back Dog Bay; her first love owns a farm there. She left him for grad school in California but the attraction is definitely still there. The women work together to turn Aunt Ginger’s folly into something worthwhile, that dog becomes an internet sensation, and love, well, love wins out.

Strong women are always a plus, and these girls are all fighters, which I admire. This was a sweet, fun read, and I really enjoyed it.

10/16  Stacy Alesi AKA the BookBitch™

ONCE UPON A WINE by Beth Kendrick. NAL (July 26, 2016) ISBN: 978-0451474193. 336p.



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