REPUTATIONS by Juan Gabriel Vasquez

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A short, but extremely interesting book about a man who has spent four decades of his professional life as a great political cartoonist in Columbia.

Vasquez has made a reputation as someone able to influence politicians, make or break careers, change the opinions of judges and certainly become a person to be both feared and admired by his countrymen. The opening of the book shows the man, Javier Mallarino, at the height of his powers and a force to be reckoned with when he is visited by a young woman out of his past who forces him to reevaluate his past and question his own self worth.

Vasquez writes in an almost stream of conscious style masterfully bringing the reader into the thought processes of Mallarino. The almost forgotten events of his life are brought up and gone over by Javier Mallarino and bring up a story that will come up again and again.

A different type of tale but one that will cause reverberations in the mind of any reader.

9/16 Paul Lane

REPUTATIONS by Juan Gabriel Vasquez. Riverhead Books (September 20, 2016).  ISBN 978-1594633478. 208p.


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