RECIPE FOR LOVE by Katie Fforde

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Click to purchase Kindle ebook

I am a fool for any contemporary romance set in the food world. This one revolves around a British cooking competition; think Great British Bake Off/Baking Show with more than just baking.

Zoe is thrilled to find she qualifies for the competition, one of only 10 to make it. She arrives on location a bit early to find that she will be staying in a cowshed on a farm. The farmers, Fen and her husband Rupert, are expecting their first child and Zoe immediately helps out.

That helping gene almost costs her the competition as she helps out with several events that cut into her competing time. But that’s not the worst of it.

Zoe’s roommate is the model perfect Cher, who admits to not even liking cooking but is looking for fame and fortune. I was put in mind of Paris Hilton (but I don’t know if she can cook.) Cher is ruthless and ambitious and plays the game to win, including blackmail if necessary.

Zoe falls for one of the judges, always a no no. But she can’t help herself, and neither can he. On more than one occasion I really wanted to yell at Zoe to wake up, but I don’t think she would have heard me.

This story was right up my alley and I really enjoyed it. If you like your romance to be extra delicious, this is the book for you.

NOTE: This book was originally published in 2012 but is just coming out as an ebook.

9/16  Stacy Alesi AKA the BookBitch™

RECIPE FOR LOVE by Katie Fforde. Bookouture (September 14, 2016) ASIN: B01KX9KDFE. 300p.

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