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121 Ingenious Tips to Endure Cramped Planes, Car Trouble, Awful Hotels, and Other Trips from Hell


I  wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but probably not what it was. These are what are popularly called “life hacks,” from tampon ear plugs to recharging a dead battery with red wine. That last tip was just odd – I would much rather call the auto club and drink the red wine while I waited. But I digress.

If you’re a camper, be it RV or roughing it, a good chunk of the book is devoted to you. With tips like How to Protect a Trailer Hitch with a Tennis Ball, How to Clean Road Grime from the Windshield with Coca-Cola, How to Make a Barbecue Grill from a Coffee Can and a Rake, How to Store Spices in Tic Tac Boxes, and many more.

Those of you who enjoy cruising may want to know How to Sneak Liquor Aboard with Food Coloring, How to Hide Your Money in a Potato Chip Bag, or for those stranded at sea, How to Deodorize a Nonworking Toilet with Coffee. Hotel travelers may want to know How to Hide Valuables in a Comfy Chair, How to Seal Curtains Shut with Clothes Hangers, and my personal favorite, How to Electrocute an Intruder with a Table Lamp – I didn’t hear about that at ThrillerFest!

You get the idea. The book is divided by method of travel from the aforementioned hotels, camping and cruising to trains, buses, cars, airplanes and even packing tricks. It’s a great gift book for a friend who travels a lot or for those who enjoy reading about unusual ways to do things you didn’t even realize you may need to do.


07/16  Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

LAST-MINUTE TRAVEL SECRETS by Joey Green. Chicago Review Press (May 1, 2016). ISBN 978-1613735046. 240p.




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