GUILTY MINDS by Joseph Finder

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Nick Heller has appeared several times in previous novels by Joseph Finder. He is a private spy for hire, an intelligence operative that works for lawyers, politicians, and in some cases for foreign governments.

Nick has been well fleshed out, a person that is addicted to doing things his own way and with a record of getting tough chores done. In this novel, Nick is called to Washington to help prevent a scandal enveloping the Chief Justice of the Supreme court.

A reporter has uncovered facts indicating that the Justice was involved with an “escort”, a young lady that is paid for her services. The reporter has indicated that she will publish the story in 48 hours, something that will ruin the Justice’s reputation as well as involving the Supreme Court, an elite institution in the government.

Complicating the matter is that Nick arrives just as the “escort” is found murdered and doubt is cast on the Chief Justice. The case has taken a very dangerous turn with possible repercussions echoing throughout the government. Heller has just 48 hours to find the actual mastermind of the conspiracy before others fall victim to the scandal sweeping the government and ruining many reputations in its path.

Finder is a master craftsman and is in his element setting up the story, the characters and the twisted path to the truth.

7/16 Paul Lane

GUILTY MINDS by Joseph Finder. Dutton (July 19, 2016).  ISBN 978-0525954620.  400p.



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