ONE PINK ROSE by Julie Garwood

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The Clayborne Brides, Book 1

If this title sounds familiar, then you are probably a long time Julie Garwood fan. This is the first book of a trilogy that was originally published in 1997. I never read it, and now the publisher is making it available as an e-book with really lovely new cover art. Compare to the paperback cover on the right and you can see how almost ten years can really make a difference.

I didn’t know that Garwood had written some Western romance and this is an really fun example of the genre. This is a series of novellas and this one, printed, is only 120 pages so a really quick read.

Travis Clayborne is the youngest brother and always listens to his Mama Rose (I have to admit, the name threw me right out of the story, it’s one of the most iconic Broadway/movie characters from Gypsy!) Once I got past that, I was fine with Travis going off to help escort Miss Emily Finnegan to Golden Crest, Montana. Emily is a mail order bride from Boston who doesn’t have a clue what she’s getting herself into.

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Apparently Emily’s previous escorts – yes, there were more than one – have had really bad luck, even fatal luck, in escorting her, so Travis is a little nervous about the trek he’s making. It doesn’t help that when he meets her, she almost decks him. But he knows not to disobey his mama, so off they go. The short trip gets extended by a few days when the gully is too high to cross, giving Travis and Emily the time to get to know one another and fall in love.

By the time they are about to reach her destination, she realizes she can’t marry the man she’s promised to, but feels it best to let him know in person. Travis is not too happy about delivering Emly to her husband-to-be, but neither are communicating and all hell breaks loose once they arrive.

There is a lot of humor in this sweet romance, and I’m looking forward to finishing the trilogy. Stay tuned.

6/16 Stacy Alesi, AKA the BookBitch™

ONE PINK ROSE by Julie Garwood. Pocket Star (May 9, 2016). ASIN: B010MH18KG. Print Length: 120 pages

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