HELL’S GATE by Bill Schutt & J.R. Finch

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This is an extraordinary adventure taking place in the Brazilian jungle during the Second World War. The almost improbable discovery of a Japanese submarine marooned and abandoned is discovered in the jungle. A team of U.S. Army Rangers are sent to investigate and goes missing.

The military then sends a scientist, R.J. MacReady, a wise-cracking, quick thinking and brilliant individual, to follow up on the situation. MacReady parachutes into the jungle of central Brazil and quite by chance meets up with an old colleague of his, who was thought to be dead years earlier. Bob Thorne lives peacefully in this remote area with his indigenous wife, Yanni, who possesses strange and mysterious powers. The duo prove invaluable to Mac during his mission.

MacReady makes the arduous trip to a fog shrouded valley, where he learns of an Axis plot to develop a system to destroy the United States and its allies. The weapon seems like nothing short of science fiction until an afterward by the authors describe it as within the realm of possibility. There is a subplot involving  a dark force attacking both men and beasts at night.

A story of deadly forces played out against the improbable background of impenetrable jungle is guaranteed to keep the reader glued to the book.  With the authors’ afterward, the book becomes a well executed novel about a possible departure from reality, and is a mesmerizing story.

6/16 Paul Lane

HELL’S GATE by Bill Schutt & J.R. Finch. William Morrow (June 7, 2016).  ISBN 978-0062412522.  384p.

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