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James Maxted Thriller

Robert Goddard is certainly no novice to the literary world. His style, as evidenced in the many books that he has written, is more formal and detailed than most other authors. He can introduce a multitude of details and then tie them neatly together at the end of the book. The Corners of the Globe is no exception.

The principal character is James Maxted, known popularly as Max, who was introduced by The Ways of the World, the first book of the trilogy. Max saw plenty of action as an aviator during World War I and is now in Paris during the peace conference in 1919. The allies, as victors in the Great War, are attempting to come up with peace conditions for Germany and a division of the lands that were conquered.

Max has succeeded in avenging the death of his father, Sir Henry Maxted, who was in Paris as a diplomat. Max feels that there were more factors involved in his father’s death than came out, and returns to Paris to investigate German spymaster, Fritz Lemmer.  Maxted feels that Lemmer is the key to finding out the details of what Sir Henry was investigating, and enlists with Fritz under the false pretensions of working for him. Max’s loyalty is actually to Britain, as he is a member of their Secret Service.

Lemmer sends Max to the Orkney Islands to find and bring back a document that is on one of the German battleships. It is impounded at Scapa Flow awaiting the Paris peace conference’s decision about disposition of the fleet.  Max obtains the document but what it contains causes him to break his cover and rush back to London. Information shown indicates a plot centered upon Japan and the need to recover someone being held there as prisoner.

The need to travel to Japan and events that will probably transpire there are left for the next book of the trilogy. Goddard keeps the reader involved in the details of this book and anxiously awaiting the conclusion in the  third and final book. The only drawback to this is Goddard’s style of presenting a great many details which must await book three for resolution. But it should keep the reader interested and ready for the conclusion.

6/16 Paul Lane

THE CORNERS OF THE GLOBE by Robert Goddard. Mysterious Press (June 7, 2016).  ISBN 978-0802125224.  400p.

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