BOAR ISLAND by Nevada Barr

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An Anna Pigeon Novel

Anna Pigeon is asked to fill in for the Chief Ranger at Acadia National Park in Maine, but before she can leave, her best friend Heath’s daughter Elizabeth, Anna’s goddaughter, attempts suicide. Turns out she’s been the victim of cyber bullying, taken to the extreme.

It slowly comes out that Elizabeth was sexually assaulted by her best friend’s father. It would have been much worse except her friend Tiffany suspected something and showed up, along with her mother, in the nick of time, but then tried to blame Elizabeth.

Anna and Heath, along with Heath’s aunt Gwen, decide to get the girl out of town. They go with Anna to Maine and stay on Boar Island. As Anna assumes her new role, a lobsterman is murdered in town. While outside of her jurisdiction, she still gets caught up in it.

Denise, a park ranger, is assigned to drive Anna and is acting hinky. There’s a murder attempt on Anna’s life, kidnappings, and the cyber bullying evolves into stalking, leading to a hot mess in Acadia and a real page turner. Barr’s fans will be happy with this nineteenth entry into the series.

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BOAR ISLAND by Nevada Barr. Minotaur Books (May 17, 2016).  ISBN 978-1250064691. 384p.


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